Python: PyOpenCV2.1: Median filter

13 08 2012


ใส่ตัวกรอง Median ให้ภาพหน่อย ทำให้ภาพเบลอ

# Name: test pyOpenCV2.1
# Purpose: 1.3 apply Median filter to image
# Author: Phanu
# Created: 13/08/2012
# Copyright: (c) Phanu 2012
# Licence: CopyLeft

from pyopencv import *

filename = r’cappuccino.jpg’
img = imread(filename)
out = img.clone()

#Medain filter
smooth(img, out, CV_MEDIAN)

imshow(“PyopenCV: input image”,img)
imshow(“PyopenCV: output image”,out)




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